Founder of Dr Mery shoes, Nuclear medicine specialist Dr. Rıfat TOPÇUOĞLU starts such an adventure due to his varicose vein disease. He entered the ‘medical-comfort’ shoe industry with the first shoe he designed, in consultation with his doctor friends. This first shoe actually made its way into the ‘comfort’ shoes, produced today. With the idea of “Health and fashion can come together in one shoe” we have been producing shoes that will be good for your health, considering quality, comfort and style together since 2010.

The reason we care about foot health, we produce comfortable and healthy shoes that can be worn not only when needed but also every day in your daily life.

Considering the sole as the most basic point of the shoe, studies begin from the very foundation of production with 11 different special soles. For this purpose, we combine the latest technology with the best designs, accompanied by specialist physicians, and produce comfort shoes that care about style and foot health. In daily life or at work, while walking the load is on your feet. This load and pressure can cause unhappiness in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and other parts of the body and cause problems in our living comfort

Thanks to its spring-loaded soles, Dr.Mery absorbs the shock coming from the ground and absorbs this load and pressure. With each step, thanks to the spring in the sole, it supports the muscles below the knee and accelerates blood circulation by helping the muscle pump to work more healthily.

It helps you have a comfortable and healthy day by helping a healthier system work at every step.

We have produced shoes that will feel great when used as they look… you will feel and experience the comfort you desire with Dr.mery shoes. It is specially designed for those who are concerned about their foot health.

As Dr. Mery, we have included the shoes to be produced for special demands among the standard products, by mass producing spring shoes that prevent the formation of heel spurs, hallux valgus (bone protrusion) and varicose veins.

We have made it easily available at prices accessible to everyone.

Apart from the head office and R&D center in Izmir, we have managed to achieve quality service and production standards by providing job opportunities to hundreds of people with 2 separate factories in Manisa.

It gives us great pleasure to contribute to the country’s economy with our exports to 23 countries.

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